a visual designer from Los Angeles. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Art Center College of Design with a minor in Social Innovation. 


Her fascination with multiple creative outlets has helped her become the versatile designer she is today. She found herself leaning into her curiosities with typography, branding, patterns, product, and fashion, taking the chance to see how far she can push her creativity. 


Her passion for social impact granted her an empathetic lens to design solutions that will have a lasting influence. As a designer, Kristen has had the opportunity to build community and curate unique experiences for others. Her intentional design process reflects her values surrounding community and meaningful stories.  


She additionally takes inspiration from her fondest memories and has hints of nostalgia to be found throughout her work. Kristen stays inspired by bicycling, skateboarding, gardening, interior decorating, shopping for antiques, and taking care of her two cats and dogs. 


She is excited to collaborate on projects where she can contribute her interests and passions toward creating multi-faceted design experiences.