New Economics for Women hosts an annual 5K Run, Walk, & Stroller Roll that celebrates motherhood despite adverse circumstances. The visuals satisfy the client's needs to be bold, empowering, and representative of Mother's Day weekend.


Mission 2 Mission is the 5K portion of Active SGV's 626 Golden Streets festival. Gabe the Sasquatch is the official mayor of the San Gabriel Mountains and is represented throughout the branding. I utilized elements of the visual identity into the event merchandise and still allowed each design to maintain its own voice.


"We surived, now we thrive." The official tagline for this event encompasses those who have survived traumas ranging from human trafficking and beyond. The event doubled as a wellness fair where participants learned about the occupational therapy techniques utilized by Dwelle Collaborative to help survivors of human trafficking.


With 282 stairs to finish off the 5K, this is our toughest race yet. The visual identity is representative of the determination the runners possess when they take on this challenge. Participants are awarded for their achievement with shirts, medals, tacos, beer, and prizes.


The Boys & Girls Club of San Fernando Valley seeks to encourage health and wellness through an all-ages event that incorporates classic playground games into their 5K event. LeRoy Chase, Jr. was passionate about helping the children of his community and would be glad to see that his legacy is being carried forward.


This design is for an event that promotes gender and racial equality in STEAM fields. Day One requested for me to include an astronaut somehow in an exciting way. I drew inspiration from elements of the vaporwave aesthetic to reach the visual solution that would entice their audience and address their criteria.


Aztlan Athletics, LLC is an event hosting company that helps raise funds for local nonprofits through the production of running marathons. My responsibility as part of this team was to design promotional materials for each event, both print and web.